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Wasp Removal Santa Monica CA

Wasp Removal Santa Monica.

Wasp Removal

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Wasp Removal Santa Monica

The Bee Guys remove Bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Carpenter Bees and their nests. Wasp Removal is similar to bee removal in many ways. A wasp will build a nest on the eaves of a building, attic or in an irrigation box just like bees.

If you have stinging insects that are in the ground or an irrigation box they are most likely Yellow Jackets or Africanized bees.

A Mud Dauber Wasp nest is often made of mud, straw or another material that will stain the stucco or siding of your structure. Early removal will keep your home looking its best.

A wasp can sting several times unlike a bee. The wasp stinger does not stay in its victim, but merely injects a single dose of venom. This gives it the ability to sting over and over again.

The main difference between a wasp and a bee is its diet. A wasp eats other insects unlike a bee that eats pollen and produces honey to store as food.

We offer same day Wasp control and Yellow Jacket removal for Santa Monica residents.

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